Human Soft, Inc., is a game development studio with a two-decade history.


In the early ‘90s it started out as a PC and Amiga developer and had such successes as Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Amiga version), Star Crusader (Amiga), Fantastic Dizzy (PC version). Realizing the popularity of handhelds, Human Soft expanded its expertise and started developing licensed titles on these platforms, while continuing the development of PC titles such as Cinderella Dollhouse 2.


As a result, Human Soft is proud to have developed approximately twenty handheld titles over the years, including Tomb Raider: Legend (GBA and DS versions) as well as Pac-man Pinball Advance and Ace Combat Advance. The last few years saw a dramatic shift in terms of devices that are being used for playing games. Capitalizing on this, Human Soft changed direction once more and started working on social games and on mobile devices.


Having ported twenty or so titles from the Flash site for Nickelodeon to iOS, we have been asked to do Scribble Hero for Nick Games.

Scribble Hero has climbed to number seven in the paid App Store in the US over the Holidays in 2012!

Other Nickelodeon titles Human Soft has been involved in would include SpongeBob: Marbles and Slides (Android) and Umizoomi Math (Android).


As the mobile market caters for more than gamers, Human Soft Inc. has developed non-game applications as well dominantly in the health and fitness sector.